Federal Land Development Authority - Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

When was FELDA established?

A: Federal Land Development Authority or FELDA was established on 1 July 1956 under the land Development Act 1956. The Authority is administered by a Board, which is accountable to the Deputy Prime Minister.


What is FELDA role?

A : FELDA's role is to develop new land for plantation areas in a productive way by adopting effective agricultural management practices among the settlers as well as to encourage the development of a progressive and discipline community


How does FELDA manage its schemes?

A : FELDA has three-tier management:
Regional Office


Where does FELDA obtain the financial sources to finance?

A : FELDA obtains the financial sources to finance its project from the Federal Government, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Kuwait Funds, Saudi Fund for Development and others. The allocation is obtained through loans for financing agricultural works, mill construction and settlers houses.


Do the settlers being charged for the management cost of the scheme?

A : Settlers are not charged for the management cost of the scheme. The management cost is financed through the allocation obtained from the Federal Government.


When do the setters obtain their land titles?

A: FELDA will only recommend to the state Governments to issue the land titles after the settlers have repaid the cost of the development to FELDA including consolidated Annual Charges to the state Governments.


How do the settlers' inheritance of the land titles implemented?

A : In the event of death, distribution of holdings to the heir for settlers who receive the land titles will be managed by the district land office concerned. For settlers who have not received the land titles, it will be managed by the Small Estate Unit in the District Office with the cooperation of the Scheme Manager.


What is the Policy on Intake of Settlers?

A : Beginning 1 January 1990, the Federal Government has decided to stop the intake of new settlers for all land schemes throughout the country. The decision was made in light of limited financial resources to fund development and infrastructure projects on land schemes. Schemes without settlers are managed by FELDA and profits derived are used for funding management costs and all infrastructure projects on land schemes.


How can I ask any questions related to the FELDA?

You can contact:-
Corporate Communications and Coordination
Tel: 03 26172617
Fax: 03 26912967
Email: jkk@felda.net.my