Federal Land Development Authority - Risk/Integrity Management Unit

Risk / Integrity Management Unit


Starting with the incorporation of Risk Management & Integrity Department QC, R&D, New Technologies, KPI & KRA on 15 June 2016, the Risk Management Unit / Integrity (copper) was created as a support unit to the management of FELDA, under the Director General of FELDA. Major role in improving the quality and level of service FELDA through Quality Management, Risk Management, Integrity, Research and Development of New Technologies, UPRI target group is composed of all officers schemes.


A. Risk Management
  • Implement and cultivate Corporate Risk Management (ERM) in FELDA
  • Preparing Reports Corporate Risk Profile and mitigation measures for the use of FELDA
  • Ensuring commitment FELDA management through the Risk Committee
B. Integrity
  • Applying the values ​​of integrity overall in the Tour Program through FELDA Integrity, Integrity Pack and other programs.
  • Strengthening governance and internal control mechanisms to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the tasks and functions of the department / region and plans.
C. Safety Protection
  • Ensuring the safety criteria for protection in FELDA observed by the Safety Instructions have been issued by the Office of the Chief Security Officer of the Government of Malaysia (PKPKKM)
  • Ensuring awareness of safety protection can be applied among FELDA officers at Headquarters, Regional and Design
D. Quality Management (ISO, 5S, KIK, Lean Management, KPI and OSH)
  • Maintaining ISO certification renewal once every three years and provide SOP.
  • implementing KIK projects in all departments, units, regions and selected program
  • Taking part of at least 1 project in the Convention KIK on KIK Prime Minister / MPC / State.
  • To ensure that all regions and plans to implement 5S to get 5S certification confirmed by MPC
  • To implement Lean Management Projects in the department / region
  • Ensure all departments, units and regions implement KPI and KRA to submit a monthly report before the 10th of each month to be used as a yardstick in evaluating the performance of the Department, Unit, Provincial Programs and Staff
  • Raising awareness and cultivate FELDA in the issue of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Ensuring Safety, Health & Welfare officers in the workplace and to comply with guidelines of the occupational safety and health (OSH) in the work environment
E. R & D and New Technologies
  • Conducting research projects and the use of new technology (TOT) small scale (pilot) corresponding potential to increase productivity and add value to FELDA
  • Provides recommendations for the project has been completed for submission to the FELDA management to exercise regularly
F. Publications
  • Published 4 volumes Manager Magazine
  • Published FELDA


  • Harmonisation of Risk Management practices are needed to facilitate the integration of information.
  • Consistency in setting risk management approach to increase the overall efficiency of risk management training to be difficult. It requires strong support from the management of the organization.
  • Weaknesses in the monitoring the implementation of the procedures or statements that are being stated and used.
  • Openness with stakeholders in mega projects being "sceptical and defensive" before the implementation of value management analysis.


 Risk Management
  • Acting as a facilitator in coordinating the scope of Risk Management within the organization based on international standards and best practices.
Integrity Management
  • Acting as program coordinator related intergrity and driving initiatives.
Value Management
  • Acting as a facilitator in the project management and monitoring adaptation value proposition that has been suggested.
Risk Management and Integrity applied from Head Office to the Plan and Value Management focused on mega projects that are managed by departments in the head office.