Federal Land Development Authority - Internal Audit

Internal Audit


It is the policy of the Government to set up an Internal Audit Unit in each statutory body to conduct an independent function in examining and evaluating the activities of statutory bodies. The Internal Audit Unit is required to provide support to the management and Board of Directors schemes.The Internal Audit Department has the responsibility and role in strengthening accountability and integrity and further strengthen the values ​​of the staff.


  • Improving the effectiveness of the governance process, the level of management and accountability in FELDA.
  • Provide independent (independent) and provides assurance (assurance) to the internal control (internal controls) at different stages of the Region and FELDA management plan.
  • Providing advisory services (consulting sevices) aims to add value to the management.


  • FELDA employees still make the same mistakes even been reprimanded repeated through meetings and audit reports.
  • Knowledge, understanding, skills workers have not reached the level of "Very Good".
  • Plan managers are less able to perform tasks creatively and proactively to improve program management.
  • Implement Audit Rating System (ARAS) effectively so that the management of the territory and the plan recognition "4 Stars".
  • Measuring the level of achievement of work could be the basis for bench-marking to the improvement.
  • Create transformational attitude of the staff on the role, duties and responsibilities.
  • The spirit of competition and teamwork in daily management to achieve excellence.


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Internal Audit Department has 15 units to undertake the audit and administration. The total number of staff in the Internal Audit Department is 34 people.
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  • Program utama Jabatan Audit Dalam adalah untuk menjalankan pengauditan di FELDA, Felda Technoplant Sdn. Bhd., FELDA Investment Corporation dan di JKKR.
  • Jumlah pengauditan yang akan dilaksanakan pada tahun 2014 berjumlah 350 unit organisasi mengikut pusingan yang munasabah.


KRA and KPI aims to improve the quality of service delivery and improve the existing system work. Thus, the Internal Audit Department has developed a KPI that performance measurement can be implemented to promote excellence in management schemes.
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