Federal Land Development Authority - Replanting Affairs

Replanting Affairs


The department plays a role in the development of replanting responsible for planning and implementing / managing the program of activities for the whole garden replanting settlers involved and also lots schemes. Activities involving the replanting replanting oil palm or rubber trees that are not productive. Among the characteristics of non-productive trees are trees that have been aged over 25 years and earning less. For the success of replanting involve other works such as the provision of nurseries, replanting contract, the use of foreign labor and so on.
        Therefore, all activities should be planned in advance in order to ensure that all events run smoothly and thus the success of the replanting program. Providing the best service as consultancy replanting under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). With this emphasis, the construction work can be run and managed well and achieve high yield and quality.
         FELDA Farm Work Force units have been combined under the management of Replanting Affairs Department. This unit is responsible for providing adequate manpower for the needs of FELDA and Felda plantations Technoplant Sdn Bhd. This important task is to ensure the farm and has a workforce plan that is sufficient to produce results and perform the work of the farm operation. The unit is also responsible jointly with the Department of Higher Education and Second Generation FELDA Technoplant Sdn Bhd (Newsletter) and Majlis Belia Felda Malaysia (MBFM) to form the second generation of workers among FELDA and the locals. Through the establishment of this local workers, is expected to reduce dependence on foreign labor. The program is called Kesidang (Careers in farm sector) has traveled in all regions and now, Human Resources FTPSB currently in the process of their appointment and they will be known as Operation Operator Farm (OOL).
              Focus on business goals in 2016 is focused to provide quality services in development activities replanting and ensuring sufficient labor supply to ensure results are achieved in line with the vision of FELDA 'As Industry Leading Oil And The High-Income Residents Settlers'.


1. Implement Best Management Practices (BMP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in settlers farm.
2. To ensure the participation of all of the settlers with FELDA in all areas to be replanted.
3. Prepare and ensure the plant material supplied is low.
4. Ensure replanting work schedule that has been set.
5. Provide advice replanting Agriculture and development to management plans.
6. Implement Agricultural Technology Of Transfer program (TOT) and the development of new innovations in the area of ​​replanting.
7. Supply appropriate farm labor sufficiently according to the actual needs of the farm plan at the time required. This is necessary to help work the fields and operation at the farm level in order to achieve the targets set for the work.
8. Establish a working group among the second generation of Felda and local workers to reduce dependence on foreign labor.


  • Handling external factors such as larbor shortages, climates, the ability of contractors and supply seedling resulting development work schedule for replanting is delayed.
  • Implement high quality replanting program at optimum cost and applying Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
  • The seedling produce in nursery should be hig quality and meet the needs of farms that need to replanted.
  • Outside interference during replanting matters.
  • There was a group of settlers who run their own replanting program.
  • Lack of understanding among the settlers on replanting program undertaken by FELDA/FTPSB.


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