Federal Land Development Authority - FELDA Farm Work Force

Felda Farm Work Force


FELDA Plantation Labour Department (JTKLF) is the department responsible for providing local and foreign workforce adequately for the needs of Felda Plans and Felda Technoplant Limited plantations. This important task is to keep the farm and plan to have enough manpower to produce results and perform the work of the farm operation. The department is also responsible for developing the second generation of workers among FELDA and the locals. Through the formation of this local workers, is expected to reduce dependence on foreign labor. At this time, JTKLF still in the process of forming a local farm work force was once known as the Farm Cadet squad.




  • Supply appropriate farm labor sufficiently and in accordance with the actual needs of the farm plan at the time required.
  • This is necessary to help work on the farm and ranch operations in order to achieve the target fixed work.
  • Forming a working group among the second generation of Felda and local workers to reduce dependence on foreign labor.
  • To produce a new generation of entrepreneurs among FELDA through contract work in the farm plan.


  • Ensure the right employees are adequately supplied by the actual needs of the plan / time fields are required.
  • Reducing our dependence on foreign labour.
  • Attract the new generation of Felda to work in the plantations sector schemes


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FELDA Plantation Labour Department (JTKLF) admission of Foreign Workers (TKA) to meet the needs of the schemes and farm FTPSB start of registration and government agencies involved with the business until the application for renewal of the work permit the schemes and farm FTPSB through Recruitment Unit and Passport Unit. Passport Unit is also responsible for managing the repatriation to the country of origin for such cases Unfit after medical examination and to workers who have been out of contract work (Check Out Memo) . Department also manages welfare matters such as management employees of the funeral home delivery to the country of origin of workers who died through Welfare Unit, Labour Day celebrations and feast bonus to all eligible TKA. For relatives of Indonesian Workers (TKI) that they left the rural villages, JTKLF involves in the matter of sending remuneration money to their families after three months of TKI in Malaysia. JTKLF is also in the process of upgrading Transit Center Sendayang for temporary use Foreign Workforce newly arrived to Malaysia. In the future, this center will function to provide practical training, explaining the work ethic in Malaysia and FOMEMA examination before they are sent to the schemes and farm FTPSB. Disclosure provided to assist in the Foreign Labour in the next course of daily work and to increase productivity. In the inflow of Foreign Workers, JTKLF is devising Local Employee Guidelines to increase the participation of youth in the ground plan on the farm, especially as operators and farm plans. It is hoped that insentifinsentif coupled with good facilities, local youth get together and contribute in enhancing success and excellence plan farm along with the vision and mission of FELDA.