Federal Land Development Authority - Innovation & Special Project

Innovation & New Generation Development


Department of Innovation & Special Projects is a department that was created to focus on the development of the community as a whole to adopt innovative and high technology in society FELDA with high competitiveness, resilience and resilient and able to continue the tradition and legacy of FELDA next dignity of settlers to the world.


  • Provide developmental programs and culture of innovation and creativity in various areas of the organization and plans.
  • Running external cooperation in various fields that will benefit the whole organization and its settlers.
  • Running the innovation and transformation projects that benefit the citizens of FELDA.
  • Increasing productivity and quality of delivery to target groups.


  • Fostering a culture of innovation and creativity among the staff and community FELDA in all efforts and actions taken.
  • Improving the performance and income of the organization and the community FELDA national and international levels in the field of education, health, sports, economics and spirituality.


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Sentuhan Kasih Unit
  • Implement Sentuhan Kasih FELDA projects in four areas namely FELDA Tenggaroh 3, East FELDA Chini 2, FELDA Calm and FELDA Palong Besut.
Inovation Unit
  • Implements Quick Wins projects Phase 2B.
Agropolitan Unit
  • Developing projects in four regions, namely Agropolitan Agropolitan Stone Project 8, Project Agropolitan Runchang, Tanjung Batu Agropolitan Project and Project Agropolitan Setiu Besut.
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