Federal Land Development Authority - Human Resource

Human Resources


1. To manage matters including matters relating to recruitment, welfare, training and employee retirement FELDA
2. A group of individuals acting effectively in the range of their expertise and to respond flexibly to further changes as a team in providing the best service in line with the transformation plan implemented.
3. Training planned, the department expects the quality of staff that will be born is a completely competent staff in terms of knowledge, skills and positive attitudes
4. FELDA inculcation among the staff especially the new coating



  • Increasing the knowledge, skills and competent personnel.
  • Provide sufficient personnel.
  • Keeping virtue officer.
  • Provide a good reward.
  • Produce staff integrity.
  • Applying High Potential work culture.


  • Produce staff sensitive to changes in the environment and perform tasks in a flexible manner based on the FELDA Transformation Plan Management.
  • Provide fully satisfaction to all officers.
  • Produce officer that have positive and open-minded in tune with the slow transformation of FELDA.
  • Implement succession planning program to provide coatings that caliber.
  • Placing the appropriate personnel in the right place.
  • Produce officers who are competent and capable of performing their duties with full dedication.
  • Assessing and measuring competence officer with transparency.
  • Getting qualified and experienced candidates to fill the vacancies in the schemes.
  • Strive to maintain a working interest in FELDA among new staff office.
  • Minimizing staff disciplinary cases.
  • To study for retired workers based on selection factors.
  • Providing a healthy lifestyle to the task FELDA.
  • Complete data on the system HRMIS


 No. Headquarters  Regional  Plan
 1  Intake and Placement Officer
  • Coordinate placement of staff in accordance with the norms prescribed placement to ensure the activities and functions of the department / region / estate plan can be managed.
  • Managing staff exchanges, especially for workers who have long served at one place to the new and perform new tasks (Job Rotation) is consistent with the purpose of improving skills and career development of staff.
  • Review the requirements and structure of the new position in accordance with the needs and development of the current functions for career advancement officer.
  • Status report on human settlements officer at the regional level.
  • Notify the Human Resources Department staff eligible for transfer to the new workplace in accordance with the method of Job Rotation.
  • Notify the Department needs at the regional level.
  • Staff deployment status report on the plan to the province.
  • Inform the provincial workers eligible to transfer to a new job for job rotation process.
  • Inform the regional needs in the planning stages.
 2   Confirmation and Promotion Committee
  • Manage promotion task performed by evaluating the ability of a task, performance, special assessments, job vacancies and seniority in service.
  • Deliver an annual accomplishment report to the District Official headquarters.
  • Propose the name of officers eligible to be considered for promotion.
  • Send performance & evaluation information to the regional.
 3  Delivery System 
  • Menambah baik sistem penyampaian dengan cara meningkatkan mutu
    perkhidmatan dan layanan kepada pelanggan, serta bertindak secara efisien.
  • Improving Delivery system by increasing the quality of
    service and hospitality to customers, and act efficiently.
  • Ensure policies & goals implemented at the provincial level.
  • Ensure policies & goals implemented in the planning stages.
 4  Performance Management
  • Implementing Mentoring & Coaching (Mentoring & Coaching).
  • Attenuate reward to officers.
  • Controlling the maintenance officer underachieving.
  • Ensure RGM takes on the role as mentor.
  • Provide the name of the proposed qualified personnel at the regional level to be rewarded on human resources. Example: Task Awards Best.
  • Semai Bakti Award. Monitor underperforming staff at the provincial level.
  • Managers take on the role as mentor.
  • Proposed the name of officers eligible for the chance to receive a reward.
  • Ensure KPI plan always achieved.
  • Monitoring the performance of low-performing staff in the plan.


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The main function of the Training Unit is to develop, plan, implement and evaluate training programs appropriate to the needs of the organization. Training is carried out based on the needs of the job according to the specialization required for the grade or position of each department.
Training Unit is created to provide services to plan, prepare and coordinate training modules, courses, seminars and workshops to enhance their competencies among staff FELDA. Establishment of his unit coincides with one of the roles in the success of the mission of FELDA to increase the potential and the quality of human capital.
  • Determining the effectiveness of courses / seminars attended by staff to apply it in their daily tasks.
  • Brought 'in-house training' that competence among employees to control the depth courses FELDA.
  • Meet the staff KPI average number of days a course of 8 days in a year.
  • The scope of the course is adapted with the current needs or requirements management that can be leveraged to achieve the direction of FELDA.
  • Ensure staff attend the frequency isappropriate to the time, duration and distance courses.



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