Federal Land Development Authority - National Food Storage(NFS)

National Food Storage (NFS)


Malaysian Prime Minister in his speech during the launch of Felda Settlers Day on July 7, 2009 held in Felda Maokil, Segamat Johor suggest FELDA implement the National Food Store (GMN). "Today I wish to emphasize another government desire for FELDA ​​as the Food Store Country. This effort to make FELDA as the center of large scale food manufacture to meet the needs of the country because the country is still importing huge scale of food from abroad"


a. Planning the use of land ideal for maximum high-impact agricultural activities
b. Designing a supply chain management integrated and comprehensive
c. Strengthening brand planning at local and international levels
d. Acting as a set designer on the development of the entire project
e. Supervision and monitoring of the performance of projects and farms to be achieved
f. To ensure that all planned activities can be carried out and in line with the original vision and mission
g. Ensuring the quality and productivity of the fields can be generated in line with the objectives of the National Food FELDA
a. Assist in maximizing the use of land ideal for high-impact agricultural activities
b. Supply chain management Establishing an integrated and comprehensive
c. To assist in the process of strengthening the headquarters of the brand in the local and international level
d. Acting as executor of the development planned
e. Executing on the production and performance of the farm
f. To implement the programs planned
g. Implementing the roadmap set by headquarters


Not unlike other large projects, the implementation of the GMN also inhibited various issues and challenges, because of the involvement of different stakeholders in order to achieve the vision and mission of the GMN. Measures to identify, assess and prioritize all the issues and challenges of the impact on the GMN is critical and should be done prior to implementation. Some of the issues and challenges have been identified ranging from production issues affecting the quantity and quality also affect the marketing and supply problems or scarce agricultural inputs as well as significant price increases to higher production costs.
  • Compliance operators to "Standard Operating Procedures" (SOPs) prepared in this project
  • Plant's enemies and diseases attack.
  • Lack of skilled personnel to monitor the project.
  • Limited market as National Food Story only supply the farm level.
  • No such facilities to market product.
  • The hike in prices of agricultural products, especially the price of feeder cattle supply, feed and fertilizer.
  • Availability or supply of agricultural inputs in the local market or even from abroad


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In order to achieve the vision and mission of the GMN as a manufacturer and distributor of large-scale national food, GMN support the concept to serve as a 'one-stop national food center' where GMN is the involvement of cross-value chain, from production of raw materials to the sale of raw and processed food products / 'downstream' retail products.
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