Federal Land Development Authority - Finance



Finance Department serves to strengthen and in particular to strengthen the position of FELDA administration and financial management. Department of Finance provides financial services (delivery system) to stakeholders (stakeholders) in Headquarters, Regional, Program and also to the settlers. We at the Department of Finance seeks to ensure the financial management of FELDA implemented efficiently and in compliance with the regulations set (legality) and is responsible for all financial records and reports provided (accountability). In order to ensure the effective and sustainable management, the Finance Department FELDA divided into eight (8) main sections:

a. Treasury Division
b. Budget Division, Systems and Reporting
c. Credit Control Division
d. Received and Results
e. Account and Analysis Division
f. Part Paysheet Settlers
g. Division Development Account Plan
h. investments


1. To ensure that financial and asset management implemented efficiently, transparently and effectively in accordance with the rules and procedures
predetermined through enforcement, control, investigation and monitoring at the departmental level, and Regional Plan.
 2. To plan, manage and control the annual expense based on ability and distribution was approved by the organization.
 3. Ensuring control and effective risk management.
 4. Ensure that the organization has a stable cash position and steady through the implementation of planning and money management that is efficient and courteous.
 5. Improve the quality of service and competence of personnel for the system to deliver information to a third party becomes stronger.


  • Various effort need to implement to maximize the income of FELDA and ensure the need of cash flow is adequate to make sure every planned programs or activity can be implemented effectively and quality.
  • Effectiveness in deliquent debt management is important for improving the achievement and monitoring should be made in Regional and Tanah Rancangan.
  • Monitoring and encourage prudent spending practices to ensure adequate allocation.
  • Strategic asset planning should be undertaken to identify the ideal asset group, an efficient new assets, existing assets and the elimination of inefficient assets.


 Bil  Headquarters Regional  Plan
 1. Ensuring the implementation of the financial system of an organization is in compliance with the standards such as FRS and MASB. Complying and implementing financial regulations. Complying and implement finance regulations.
 2. Planning, managing and controling annual expenses based on the abiliti and distribution approved by organization. Monitoring and managing the allocated budget.  
 3. Monitoring and supervise credit control.  Help and implement credit control. Collects the loans that has been distribute to the qualify settlers.
4.  Monitoring in and out cash flow record. Help and check cash flow in plan. Ensure the safety of the csh.