Federal Land Development Authority - Felda Legal Affairs

Felda Legal Affairs


This unit is a unit which is designated as Unit Law and was established on July 21, 2008 in accordance with its duty to provide legal advice to the management of FELDA, Departments, Regional Office and Headquarters Plans support services (support services) in the case of- matters involving the Constitution and the laws of Malaysia.


  • Provide professional-class legal service, high quality and act in accordance with the Federal Constitution (Federal Constitution) and laws applicable in Malaysia in an efficient, fair and equitable.
  • Keep of the rights and interests of FELDA from a legal perspective and ensure FELDA interests always come first in every transaction agreement by both parties.
  • Updating and renewing the legal provisions of the existing and prepare, draft and / or review the draft of the By-Laws, Orders, Circulars and methods, whether new or amended.
  • Assist other departments in addressing issues involving legal issues.
  • Assist and advise FELDA on the preparation of the documents of the agreement.
  • Check all agreement documents and any document that has an impact in terms and in law before an agreement is finalized.


  • To develop the understanding of the law among the employees in order for an action or decision to be made without any emotional and influence from the outside.
  • To create awareness among the employees to observe the laws and regulations including the Constitution of Malaysia and Organization Rules and Regulations.
  • To coordinate legal actions taken without any influence from the outside party.


  • Provide an advice, opinions and views on the management of FELDA, Departments, Regional Office and Headquarters Plan covering all aspects of law and safeguard the interests of Felda, either in writing or orally.
  • Supervise and monitor all matters involving legal aspects.
  • Prepare and check the documents of the agreement and other documents that have an impact in terms of the law.
  • Create a law revision against any provision or any other principal and subsidiary legislation as required by management schemes.
  • Appoint a legal counsel and monitor the handling and ride of cases by panels of lawyers to handle a given case
  • Check of legislation, regulations, rules and other legal documents involving FELDA.


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