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Entrepreneur Development


Entrepreneur Development Department is responsible for creating new entrepreneurs and developing a viable entrepreneurs among the new generation of Felda settlers. Implementation of this action is to support the core strategy and the second FELDA of "the settlers become high earners in 2020.". Entrepreneurial activity undertaken is non farm activities to supplement their income settlers apart from the main result of oil and rubber. Various training programs organized by the department of entrepreneurship guidance in collaboration with National Entrepreneurship Institute (INSKEN) to improve and strengthen the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. The implementation of the entrepreneurship program includes a variety of levels ranging from motivation to become entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial knowledge base, an increase in the level or status of entrepreneurs in terms of income and expansion of business networks within and outside the country.
Program 'One Region One Industry' (SAWARI) have been able to develop a total of 101 food manufacturers and a total of 37 craft operators which receives guidance directly from the FELDA. Mainl focus on SAWARI participants to improve their enterprise premises and quality products that meet the food standards, Halal certification, Mesti, GMP and HACCP. Entrepreneur's products are marketed through the existing SAWARI Outlet at Wisma Felda, TRAP Sg.Klah and Outlet Terengganu that will start operating in 2014 as well as Hypermarket such as Jaya Jusco , Big AEON, Maidin etc.
FELDA has established a Pusat Pengumpulan Makanan SAWARI Pasak ( PPMS) to market productsfrom the involve entrepreneur. Efforts to improve the quality of products in terms of packaging also continues to be made ​​in collaboration with SIRIM and SME Corp involving 20 entrepreneur under SAWARI program.


The main focus of Entrepreneur Development Department for the year 2014 are as follows:
  • Produced millionaires among the new generation of entrepreneurs FELDA.
  • Increasing debt loan quote FELDA Entrepreneur Incentive Scheme (SIUF).
  • Establish a Center for Entrepreneurial Leader FELDA (PPUF) large scale in Regional Raja Alias with the ​​budget allocation of RM4 million.
  • Improving use of machinery in the Food Industry Center FELDA (PIMF) in Chini within optimum and effective cost with the budget boarding RM410, 000.00.
  • Making the Food Industry Complex in Pasak meet HALAL standards, MESTI, GMP and HACCP (certification of compliance) for marketing purposes in the country and abroad.
  • Increase the number of Jaquard loom and Dobby loom to increase production tenun and exclusive songket to meet market demand in the country and abroad.
  • Creating a network of government agencies related to entrepreneurship such as MITI, MATRADE, SME Corp and potential trader for further improving product quality of FELDA products then market the products in the country and abroad.
  • Transforming settler Koperasi achieve revenue exceeding RM1 million and realize a consortium settler Koperasi of FELDA.
  • Working with government agencies to assist entrepreneurs in terms of financial capital as PUNB, MARA, MBSB and others to reduce dependence on FELDA.


  • Increasing the number of entries exceeds 26.633 settlers or 23.6% in entrepreneurial activities.
  • Increasing the income of entrepreneurs among the settlers through non-farm activities at least an average of Rs 4,500 family / month.
  • Creating new business opportunities and improve the quality of their products in line with current market expectations.
  • Realizing entrepreneurial product marketing network with agencies such as FAMA, MITI, MATRADE,  and others traders within and outside the country.
  • Assist food entrepreneurs in terms of provision of infrastructure and food nutrition analysis "nutrient fact" to meet the standards.
  • Increase the number of such products that have local and international certification of HALAL, MESTI, GMP and HACCP.


  • Persuading the settlers and the new generation of programs about the benefits and success that can be achieved if the entrepreneurs on the ground plan with a guaranteed income.
  • Exposure to entrepreneurs to produce high quality products, timely act of food standards and domestic and international certification.
  • Increasing market hypermarkets including sales, retail sales, and involved in the ceremony or festival organized by the government and private sectors.
  • Always be alert and updates to programs to build business networking and marketing as well as participation in the event, seminars, conferences, and visits to the project successful entrepreneurs organized by the authorities.
  • Ensure that each project enterprising entrepreneurs have a strong business plan so that returns can be achieved.
  • Implement research projects Research and Development (R & D) in terms of products, marketing and project financing before the project started.


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Year 2014 led to four (4) main focus programs and budget requirements 2014 are as follows:
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Center for Entrepreneur Leader FELDA (PPUF) in Regional Raja
Research and Development (R&D) product.
PPUF is the hub of production of selected food products that meet the
certification requirements with the participation of entrepreneurs from
the supply of raw materials to the marketing
and the creation of FELDA outlets. PPUF also is
a center for large-scale new business for
FELDA that can help increase the income of entrepreneurs in 
food industry and agriculture entrepreneurs and provide
employment opportunities.
In order to produce quality products and competitive
edge in the local and international markets, research
and development (R & D) will be executed before any
product is produced or brought to market.
Opening Outlet SAWARI in Lembah Klang. Domestic and International Certification
To meet the demands of consumers in the Klang Valley, it is proposed
to set up an outlet SAWARI in Hypermarket.
Among the proposed place is Jaya Jusco Wangsa Maju,
Wangsa Maju Carrefour and Tesco Ampang.
Bagi menembusi pasaran tempatan dan antarabangsa dengan
lagi efektif, usahawan-usahawan yang berdaya saing akan dibantu
dari segi penghasilan produk-produk yang memenuhi kriteria-
kriteria pensijilan tempatan dan antarabangsa iaitu HALAL,
For domestic and international markets become
more effective, the competitive entrepreneurs will be assisted
in terms of producing products that meet the criteria
of local and international certification of HALAL,
Food Packaging Product PPMS & PIMF. improving machine in PPMS Pasak & PIMF Chini.
Development of food packaging products PPMS & PIMF
dijangka is woken up by SIRIM cooperation. Size pecifications,
design and edicts relating wrapping in order
produce quality packaging products as well as the latest
regulatory compliance Halal JAKIM and MeSTI, Ministry of Health.
Existing machines in the Pasak and Chini will be improve
in order to produce a more optimal product line
to meet the demand locally and abroad.
  Meet international demand.
  Bagi memenuhi permintaan tempatan dan antarabangsa tumpuan
adalah kepada kualiti produk dan kuantiti yang mencukupi
mengikut keperluan. Penghasilan produk pengusaha akan dimantapkan
dan dipantau serta mematuhi piawaian pengeluaran produk
makanan standard agar dapat memenuhi permintaan hypermarket
tempatan dan antarabangsa seperti MALINDO AIR,UAE,
Arab Saudi, Australia dan lain- lain.
To meet local demand and international, the focus
is on product quality and sufficient quantity
as required. Production of products will be implemented
and monitored and production standards
to meet the standard of food hypermarket demand
locally and internationally as MALINDO AIR, UAE,
Saudi Arabia, Australia and others.