Federal Land Development Authority - Mission, Vision

Mission, Vision


Vision :

FELDA as an economic powerhouse to generate high income for settlers in FELDA schemes and surrounding areas.  




Mission :

Enhance the well-being of the FELDA settlers through:
•    High productivity of palm oil and rubber
•    Modern infrastructures and facilities.
•    High quality human capital.
•    Innovation and creativity culture.
•    Diversification of economic resources to generate high income.
•    Enhanced new generation development.
•    World class management
•    Excellence as a culture




5 Cores of FELDA :

  • FELDA communities to become model rural communities.
  • Settler community to become high income group.
  • FELDA to become a global factor.
  • Developing potentials of new generation.
  • Strengthening FELDA culture as an institution.