Federal Land Development Authority - Logo



In 1996 this logo has been recognized as the official FELDA logo to replace the previous logo. The letter 'F' in the logo is symbolized as the organization of excellence in land development. 

  • There are (4) main characteristics in the description of the logo:
  • To elevate FELDA image in imej FELDA di peringkat global.
  • To establish FELDA as the main oil palm contributor.
  • To develop the chain of economy which has impact on progress of the country .
  • To develop progressive community in the settlers society.


The orange colour of ripe acera nuts which in the FELDA logo represent the fertility of the land that free from bacterias and diseases.

Type of Font for FELDA is ARIAL ROUNDED BOLD. Colour code are as follows :

HEX : #FF6600

RGB : 255, 102, 0

CMYK : 0, 0.6, 1, 0

HSV : 24, 100, 100





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