Federal Land Development Authority - Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication


Corporate Communicatioin was establised on November 2012, followed by the additional responsibilites of Coordination on February 2013 and now is known as Corporate Communication and Coordiantion Department. The purpose of this department is to manage and facilitate internal and external communication of FELDA while creating, enchancing and maintaining FELDA positive reputation. It reports directly to the FELDA Director General.
The department role and responsibilites consists of five main functions which are public relations, complain management and parliamentary affaris, reprot and coordination, information technology, new media, internal communication and event management.


  • To plan the rebranding of FELDA.
  • To disseminate information effectively and efficiently through the print media, electronic media and new media.
  • Improving the image of FELDA aligned with the mission and vision of FELDA.
  • Manage internal and external communications effectively (Newsletter, reports, e-mail, sms and parliament).
  • Managing accessible information of FELDA.
  • Managing complains relating to FELDA centralizedly and sistematically.


  • Implementation plans and activities that involve high costs.
  • Increasing stakeholders' acceptance of the transformation undertaken by FELDA.
  • Increasing the sense of urgency and cooperation of the implementing departments, especially relating to complaints and reports to be submitted in a timely manner.
  • Managing relationships involving civil society to increase the positive perception of their schemes.
  • Coordination of role and responsibilities of the less obvious result of duplication and conflict (task overlapping) .


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